Why do we need a Paint Sprayer?

All these HVLP sprayers consist of editing guidelines and a viscosity cup to help identify the correct quantity of solvent in our case, water to include. We began by thinking a couple of gallons of water-based paint rather satisfy every sprayer maker's idea so we might compare the sprayers with the very same thickness of paint.

Then we sprayed a band of color for 8 seconds with the spray idea held one ft. from the surface area. We examined the strength, spray pattern, and paint particle size. This provided us a quick idea of each sprayer's efficiency. We replaced on walls and raised-panel doors to obtain some real-world experience. We related duties and parts. 

GRACO 2900 HV2900

Graco has made professional-grade sprayers for ages,read paint sprayer reviews, has staked into the customer market with this HVLP sprayer. You can notify Graco has experience making sprayers. Paint protection is incredible, and the paint bit size is little suitable for a soft cover.

The functions we like, the spray pattern setting lever on the front of the Gun, the pro-style metal spray idea and onboard accommodation of arms and hose pipe. Graco includes a DVD with ways for utilizing the Gun. This sprayer got high marks for the position of the spray and well-planned celebrations.

WAGNER PaintREADY System 0529003

Wagner's PaintREADY System consists of a part turbine and pipe, and 2 "front ends" that snap onto the spray weapon deal with, permitting you to spray thick and thin products effectively. The extra force provided by the stand-alone 540-watt turbine offers a little much better spray quality than you take from the sprayers with onboard turbines. This set is a great choice for maximum versatility. The fine finish sprayer still does not meet the cover feature of the Graco or Rockler.

WAGNER Control Spray 0518050

Wagner has a long story of making little, consumer-grade sprayers and uses lots of designs of both airless and HVLP-type sprayers. This HVLP sprayer including the associated turbine is an active player that can use a better-than-average surface with the properly thinned product. This double-duty design consists of a bigger, 1-1/2- qt. Product cup for more prominent outside tasks. If you do not wish to give more than $105 on a sprayer, we understand this one is an excellent option.

ROCKLER HVLP Spray Weapon Set HVLP-1000

The Rockler sprayer does not consist of any expensive functions, simply an efficient turbine and a no-nonsense spray weapon with a pro-style metal approach. After the Graco, this sprayer followed the very best spray pattern with even protection and a well-confined guide.

This is the single sprayer in our test that consists of an option of 2 idea and needle kits for separating large or thin stock. The current turbine permitted us to employ thicker paint with this sprayer.

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